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  • 'WATERPROOF' Alla Kostromichova for Harper's Bazaar Mexico

    ALLA Kostromichova, Ukrainian model, had a photo shoot for HARPER'S BAZAAR EN ESPANOL with photographer DANNY CARDOZO.

    TRIBE FEDERATION was in charge of the backstage video production with music by LUIS LAURO, with the song "WHY" part of his upcoming album.

     Video Credits:

    Photo: Danny Cardozo

    Fashion: Almudena Guerra

    Model: Kalla Kostromichova

    Direction and photography: Chris Koch

    Hair and makeup: Mark Williamson

    Special thanks to: Jeronimo Medina

    Production: TRIBE federation

  • A new EP just for you

    A new EP just for you

    GoodWill & MGI are an American and Finnish production/songwriting duo, consisting of William "GoodWill" Rappaport and Henri "MGI" Lanz. Formed in 2006, GoodWill & MGI have since been producing and writing with numerous major label artists and writers in the US, Europe, and Asia, including Pitbull, Akon, Justin Bieber, Inna, Kylie Minogue, Super Junior, EXO, 50 Cent, and Twista. Additionally, since 2011 they have been developing and breaking artists independently, including Radical Something, currently one of the hottest unsigned acts in America.

    Now GoodWill, MGI and Luis Lauro are working together on a new EP with 7 tracks, JUST FOR YOU GUYS.


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