Luis Lauro is back in the music scene and promises to revolutionize pop music. This time the singer/songwriter is preparing the launch of his third studio album, and its just as innovative as his previous productions, “Luis Lauro” and “Amanecer”.

After the hit single “Muero por ti” and it’s english version, “Crushin’”, a duet with actress and singer Danna Paola, the music video passed the two million views and charted Top 10 on several TV channels, such as MTV, Ritmoson and Telehit. Now, the musician, originally from Weslaco, Texas, is preparing a very cool proposal with Good Will and MGI, renowned producers that have worked with artists like Kylie Minogue, Inna, Justin Bieber, and many more.

Since his debut in 2009, with his homonymous album by Universal Mexico and under the production of international music titan, Steve Churchard producer of artists like 

Avril Lavigne, Sheryl Crow, Maroon 5, Ricky Martin and Juanes, the career of Luis Lauro, previously known as “The new face of pop”, has been notorious and constantly rising. His singles “Solo”, “Aliento” and “Inevitable”, broadcasted in different radio stations, video channels around the country and in the digital world, charted top 15 of Monitor Latino (a type of mexican Billboard), in which he appeared on the cover of the Monitor Latino magazine as well. 

This young man's impact and presence is transcendent, not just because of his increasing fan base, but also because of his social network reach. He was “Worldwide Trending Topic” on Twitter during the red carpet and ceremony of Premios Telehit in 2011. The same thing happened with his appearance on many other communication media during his musical trajectory. His participation at only eleven years old in “Código Fama”, the internationally successful reality show by Televisa (first one of its kind, intended for kids and teenagers), opened doors for him in the entertainment industry, thanks to its huge success, it went on for three seasons and generated sales of products such as books, boardgames and other merchandising.

After this, Luis Lauro was cast in the Tv show “El Reto Burundis”, and signed with Sony Music, as part of the band "Burundi Kids". His outstanding musical career has positioned him on Top Selling Album lists for three weeks in a row in stores like Mix Up and Saharis.

Luis Lauro has captured the attention of TV, radio, magazines and internet. His passing through Televisa, Disney Channel and MTV, as well as recognized and prestigious editorials that identify him as a benchmark in young music, a solid and dynamic artist, dedicated to show the world the best with his new music and following projects, as well as the re-launch of his website Inside, Luis Lauro wants to reach out directly to his audience, with exclusive contents and through his social media. His latest album is still available as well, through iTunes Store, so that this star’s fans let themselves be allured by his afterglow.